5 Nov 2008


Roma's 1st goal by Cristian Panucci

Hari tu lawan Liverpool kalah...nih lawan Roma kalah lagik..adeeiiii..wut happened to my team???haihhhhh...the UEFA champion leagues is crucially important to scolari because he need to prove his ability managing the squad!better strategies next time old man! (owh...saya tidaklah boleh review psl game itew sbb saya tidak tgk langsung that game).

Bz sgt wif my exam sampai tak hengat langsung pagi tadi ada game...it was Chelsea 's 2nd game vs Roma in the group A matches. the 1st game Chelsea won...n this time lose to Roma by 3-1.

The best part is Chelsea still lead the A group by 7 points...yeay!!!

Sekian saja laporan dari Karam Tak Timbul-timbul :p

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