27 Dec 2008

Pre-order: Coach handbag

Special announcement:

I'm taking pre-order for Coach handbag, wallet, wristlet & scarfs ladies. yup..yup..u heard me!!! they're having massive sales in the states.

Hurry up...orders close on 31 December!!!

Price will be quote later. did I tell you its SALES??? u'll be shocked with the price offered..trust me :)

Here r some of the designs available for grab. I'll update more designs as soon as possible. more pictures n of course designs...pls visit my sales blog :)

What r u waiting for??? u know how to find me :)

Enjoy ur shopping ladies ;)


jetsetter said...

nak order gakk...nakkk..bole tak?bape hinggit?

CikChelsea said...

to jetsetter,
cittt...mana pigi??
tak on9 pon kat YM??
bz lah??
mau harga..tu tokey @ Yah dah quote price ;p

c'sya said...

if u dh keje likn i kkkkkkkkkk...;)

CikChelsea said...

to c'sya:
eehh u kn nk 'di sponsor'..setakat coach nih xde hal la kn kn

c'sya said...

uhaiiii, to sponsor ln kok...:P
i nk dr u...heheheh

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