6 Dec 2008

Voila, monsieur!

I watched movie called Les Chevaliers Du Ciel or "Sky Fighters" at Kirana just now. It's a French movie (at first I didn't recognize its French b'coz their slang a bit different).
Nway, I really enjoy watch the movie!

Heronya sgt ganteng deh!!! hikssss :p

Benoit Magimel (in French Benoit will be pronounce as Ben-wa b'coz 'oi' = 'wa' and the 't' silent. I learn it from my French class :p)
His blue eyes really caught my eyes...oh la la c'est magnifique!!
Ohhh boy, I think I'm in love with this Frenchman. Je t'aime monsieur!!!
Hahahahaaa..sile gelakkan saya :p

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