2 Feb 2009

Tie Rack BNWT

Status: SOLD
TIE RACK in hand
Brand new with tag
1 pieces only
Material 100% Polyester

Sesape minat email me :)

picture 'pinjam' from Bulan Luna sebab malas nak snap..hohoho. macam nih la design in my hand. sehelai je. so sape cepat dia dapat =)

P/S: MAX reservation = 3 days only


Fynnaz said...

Errkkk I nak!!! Act nak email but couldn't find ur email add lah. Confirm I nak. This exact pattern kan? Brand new?

CikChelsea said...

yup...brand new. i dh ada this design, tp my sis terbeli kn lg..so nk let go yg baru nih :)

To ALL TieRack Scarf LOvers.... said...


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