21 Jul 2009

Angan-angan buat saya verangans!

I'm in the middle of a conversation with my lil sis and out of nowhere we suddenly talk about my 'angan-angan'. We're still chit chatting while I'm typing this post, eheh =p. She really made me excited about my-so-called-dream tu. Hahaha I love you sista, you really make my day!

Do you want to know what have been discussed? Owh agak malu untuk reveal. Ehem, ehem...some of you might know that currently I'm running my own 'little' business. So, the 'angan-angan' definitely has something to do with my business la kan. I really want to have my own shop with a cafe concept. Yes! Not the ordinary bakery or cake house. There are thousands of cake houses out there, in fact there're 3 at my area and I'm not planning to be just another one! But a cafe? There are only a few at Klang Valley and ZERO in the southern territory. I want to be the FIRST ONE!

Me and my sis got carried awayyyy. Sumpah best gile borak pasal menda nih. We even discussed about the menu, staffs' uniform and what kind of fabric (duh? haha) I should use for the uniform. Ahahahaahahahhaa! Cute kan? =p

Owh, saya tak boleh la reveal what type of menu yang akan kami (errr, me and my crew la kan kehkehkeh =p) offer. Kang ada orang 'copy' lak. Eh eh sila jangan jadi sarcastic T________T. Lagipun, itu adalah SURPRISEEEEE ;)

It was totally FUN! We were kinda exchanging ideas; what's the best for the cafe. Haha =p. Owh owh, it really makes me sangat tidak sabar untuk ada kedai sendiri! The best part is, when we were discussing about the menu. What menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Budak tu banyak soalan and penuh dengan idea menarik. So, macam excited gila sebab dah boleh imagine secara specific what to do and what not.

Dear friends,
Wish me luck and pray for me ya :)


eddie dewanaga said...

all the best, beb!!!

CikChelsea said...

tenkiuuuuuu bro ;)

uMmI said...

tak salah berangan...mana tau jadi kenyataan ;)....sayapun suke berangan....hope angan2mu jadi kenyataan...

CikChelsea said...

thanx sis ummi
Amin...semoga doa kita semua akan dimakbulkan :)

thanx juga sbb sudi singgah =D

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