22 Sep 2010

Dear Amjah

So you turns 2 today. Happy birthday big boy!

You are two and your mom has already searching and looking to find a future wife for you. She's mentioned it in her blog, that's how I found out about this.

I don't have any kids yet, let alone a daughter to be introduced to you. Buttttt, I do have nieces. I think she would be perfect for you...

"Hi Avang Amjah..." =P

Her name is Ain and she's 10 months old. I know she's a bit jendol and botak but worry not, hair grows. Right???

If you don't mind getting to know older girl, I'm more than happy to introduce you to...

...this is Hannah


...this is Nadhirah

They're both 3 years old. Just a year older than you. Alaaaa...what's the big deal right? Age is just a number.

So Amjah, do let me know if any of them have got your attention. You got my 100% blessing.

With love,
Auntie CC


P/S: Amcam TTM, agak-agak ada chance tak? Keh keh kehhhh...

P/S/S: Mementang la si Amjah tu duduk Ostolia, terus haku speaking =P

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TopsyTurvyMum said...


ain, Avang Amjah osso a bit jendol. Because u are the 1st one, my mom would give 5% discount.

u are so cute but in your picture, u look like "i don't want to share my toys with anybody". Sharing is caring maa..do you want to share me with nadirah and Ain? hahaha

i love ur hair, i think u will look like erra fazira when u grow up. i'll think about that if u exactly like her..maybe u can get 45% discount.hehehe

Comel2 la anak2 buah cik chelsea:)

cc said...

chomel mcm makcik dia yg nih (tunjuk diri sndr)
*matik la ferahsan kah kah

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