10 Dec 2010

Darker, better!

No, I'm not talking about any handsome-tall-dark men or Remy Ishak here :p (dia hitam manis yang sangat yummy, ehhh!)

Have you tasted the new Cadbury's Bournville dark chocolate? Not yet? You should give it a try IF you're a fan of dark chocolate like me!

I'm not a fan of ordinary milk chocolate especially from Cadbury. I think they're too sweet for my liking. I like Vochelle more sebab tak manis sangat. I don't have sweet tooth, that's why I prefer dark chocolate. Lagi pahit lagi sedap :D

So anyway, Cadbury's Bournville offers few selections. They have fruit & nuts, simply dark, etc (I can't remember the rest!). They got 5 or 6 selections. I bought Cadbury's Bournville Fruit & Nuts. Err...there was so sikittt of the fruit and the nuts. Kedekot la Cadbury ni :p

Price? Mahal sikit compared to Cadbury's Milk Chocolate. Another thing, coklatnya lagi nipis! Walaupun begitu, pahitnya tetap dirasai ditekak.

P/S: Sampai sekarang belum dapat rasa coklat Patchi :(


i.s.z.a.n said...

da try tp xsuka. klau cekelat aku suka yg ada sampah sarap dlm dia. klau plain choc mmg kemsalam hee

reena said...

Dah pernah makan dah dulu. Not really my fav. Tapi bf i suka gilaaa! Harga around RM4 something kan?

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