29 Jan 2014

When little one was not feeling well...

He's down with fever, flu and cough since last week. 
Getting better now, Alhamdulillah. 

He is always a happy baby and an easy baby too.
You don't see him often cranky (except when he wants to sleep or milk he he)
Therefore, it's heartbreaking to see him merengek after coughing, knowing that he's in pain.
He refuse milk and foods due to the sore throat.
He just want plain water.
He lost his baby fat too soon! Poor baby ='(

I'm helpless. Little help I could do to take his pain away. Sigh.

I had no enough sleep since last Thursday.
My husband is away and I have to handle my not-feeling-well baby all by myself.
It is tiring. 
I'm tired.
I'm not gonna lie.

I have sleepless night (or NO sleep at all). 
Little one can't sleep on his own due to his blocked nose. 
I have to place him on my chest and tepuk-tepuk him to make him fall asleep.
I had no choice than to sleep on a sitting position all night. 
My back hurts like hell. Dah la kurang calcium.

Do I have to mention lots of cleaning duties too?
Almost every night I had to change my bed sheet because my baby decided to puke on our bed
Ada 1 malam tu, not once but twice T___T

It is stressful when my little one was not feeling well. 
But I choose to be NOT because it won't help me nor my baby but making me become a moody-and-grumpy-mommy instead. 
I am not going to send negative aura to my baby.
Not good for his psychology development. 
No no.

Anak sakit, takkanlah nak marah anak.
Bukannya dia yang mintak sakit tu.

I've been telling myself THAT repeatedly, so that I won't terbabas marah and get upset.
Which I will definitely regret it if I've done so.

Alhamdulillah, the fever is finally gone. 
His sleeping routine finally back to normal. 
He can now sleep on his own after finished his milk, like usually.

11 months of becoming a mother made me a better person.
I've learnt so much from my little one.
Yes, not the other way around.

Thank you Allah for this amazing gift.
Thank you for this amazing journey that I call it motherhood.
Please let him stay with me for as long as it possible.
Made me a better person so that I can teach and guide him to become a soleh caliph.

Not in a million times that I've regret to not have sleepless night since you're born.
Not in a million times that I've regret to have you in my life.

You are a part of me.
I love you, baby.

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