16 Mar 2014

Adakah anda akan kembali ke McD?

Gua mana aku duduk tak tau la sebab recently baru tahu pasal Jamie Oliver menang kes dia against McD tu.  Or aku ni ignorance tak amik tau pasal benda ni ke apa? T___T
After years of trying to break America, Jamie Oliver has finally made his mark by persuading one of the biggest U.S fast food chains in the world to change their burger recipe. 
McDonald's have altered the ingredients after the Naked Chef forced them to remove a processed food type that he labelled 'pink slime'. The food activist was shocked when he learned that ammonium hydroxide was being used by McDonald's to convert fatty beef offcuts into a beef filler for its burgers in the USA. 
The filler product made headlines after he denounced it on his show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. 
'Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold at the cheapest form for dogs and after this process we can give it to humans' said the TV chef. 
 Jamie showed American audiences the raw 'pink slime' produced in the ammonium hydroxide process used by producers named Beef Products Inc (BPI). 
'Pink slime' has never been used in McDonald's beef patties in the UK and Ireland which source their meat from farmers within the two countries. 
Now after months of campaigning on his hit US television show McDonald's have admitted defeat and the fast food giant has abandoned the beef filler from its burger patties. 
US Department of Agriculture microbiologist Geral Zirnstein agreed with Jamie that ammonium hydroxide agent should be banned.
 Read full article here: Victory for Jamie Oliver in the U.S. as McDonald’s is forced to stop using ‘pink slime’ in its burger recipe

Watch this video too!

Will you ever return to McD, after reading/watching those findings?
As for me, an absolute NO.

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